June 09, 2023

When tracking a vehicle, a device is installed and hardwired into the vehicle battery and ignition, allowing it to run off the power supplied from the engine and / or battery. However, there are many other assets that people wish to track that don’t have an engine or battery to connect power to – including trailers, caravans or farming and mining equipment attachments. 

We recently released a new Compact 10 4G battery-powered device that is a perfect solution for non-powered asset tracking. This device only requires three off-the-shelf triple-A, user-replaceable lithium batteries to get it up and running. The new model really sets itself apart from our older model, now being able to track up to ten years on one ping a day, in comparison to up to three years on one ping a day. 




  • IP68 rated, meaning it’s fully waterproof and dust proof. 
  • It has movement-based tracking, so if it’s not moving it will go to sleep and reduce battery usage, and then wake up and track more often if it’s on the move. 
  • Geofences can be created and will send alerts when the device moves out of the virtual fence. 
  • Theft recovery mode allows you to put the device into recovery mode if your asset gets stolen, and it will then track in real-time.
  • ‘Battery Low’ and ‘Battery Critical’ alerts ensure that you have enough time to change the device batteries before its power runs out!


If you think that a device like this might be able to solve some of your problems, please get in touch!

Alternatively, head to our GPS Asset Tracking page.