About Fleetware

Our story in a nutshell…

Matt Cooper established Fleetware in 2016 as GPS Tracking Systems, bringing with him a wealth of experience in technology, consulting and project management. What began as a tailored offering of simpler tracking services to the consumer market quickly grew and expanded to provide a full suite of fleet tracking, telematics and management services exclusively to commercial businesses.

Recognising the need for a truly long term service driven GPS tracking and telematics company, Matt and the leadership team pioneered a fresh, specific solution focused consultative based approach to customers, rather than the cookie cutter, basic packaged and lock in contracts model that was the standard in the tracking and telematics industry.

7 years later and counting, Fleetware are serving 100’s of happy, satisfied customers with the perfect tracking and telematics solutions for their needs and requirements. Always looking to innovate, improve and increase our ability to serve, Fleetware has achieved partnerships with some of the largest global telematics platform providers, with over 2,700 types of hardware integrated and 3.2 million connected devices around the world.

We continue to grow our capabilities, innovate rapidly as well as onboard and serve customers new and old at the highest levels.

Our Dedicated Leadership Team

Matt Cooper
Managing Director

Matt founded Fleetware in 2016, and provides the vision and leadership for the business to support its rapidly growing customer and partner base. Prior to founding Fleetware, Matt held several senior strategic positions in finance and technology, as well as consulting to these industries for over 20 years. Matt is based in Perth, Western Australia and is a passionate surfer and photographer.

Megan Martyn
Operations Supervisor

Megan joined Fleetware in 2018, and leads customer success and day-to-day operations, which includes deployment and implementation, customer support, and training. Prior to joining Fleetware, Megan worked in key executive support roles in the finance industry, as well as a brief career as a Registered Nurse. Megan calls Perth, Western Australia home and enjoys running, exploring the coast and all that WA has to offer.

Josh Cook
Business & Technology Manager

Josh joined Fleetware in 2021, and leads product management and business operations, which includes hardware, software platforms, research and development, and process improvement. Prior to joining Fleetware, Josh worked in the finance industry for over 10 years specialising in technology and project management. Josh is based in Perth, Western Australia and is an avid hiker, gamer and bookworm.

Our Values

Don't Stop Creating

Be bold, embrace creativity and innovation.

Have Fun!

Celebrate the wins. Bring a sense of humour to the office.

Invest In Yourself

Mind, body, knowledge, family and friends.

Better As A Team

Team play overcomes raw talent. Leverage skills of the team to achieve our goals faster.

Walk The Talk

Deliver on your promise. Be authentic and act with integrity.

Wow Our Customers

Deliver awesome service that exceeds expectations. Create meaningful connections.

Fleetware Gives Back..

At Fleetware, our team are extremely grateful that we get to operate our business in our beautiful country of Australia. We count our blessings and consider ourselves privileged and lucky to be in this position.

We understand that many people around the world are not as lucky as we are and as a company, we like to do our little part for the global effort at increasing equality and quality of life for those less fortunate.

That is why, every single month, Fleetware gives back to the communities of the world, and with every device you purchase, you help us contribute to those that need it most.