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Line of Trucks with Fleet Management Solutions & Tracking Software

Fatigue Management

The ultimate tool to keep track of your driver’s activity & better manage drivers’ fatigue. Truck driver fatigue is four times more likely to affect your team’s ability to stay safe on the road than drugs or alcohol. The result of driver fatigue is reduced reaction times, impaired decision making and riskier choices – all … Continue reading “Fatigue Management”

Line of Trucks with Fleet Management Solutions & Tracking Software

Fleet Tracking

Want to improve the visibility of your fleet, even in remote areas, and consign fleet logbook and Fringe Benefits Tax headaches to the past? Our Fleet Tracking Systems allow you to monitor your vehicles any time day or night via desktop software and mobile apps. It’s the easy and efficient way to compile reports that include fleet utilisation, idle time, productivity and fuel costs.

Green digger with a GPS asset tracking system installed

GPS Asset Tracking

Our GPS tracking and telematics protect your equipment and assets from theft, while also better managing your preventative maintenance schedule. They provide real-time tracking, engine hours, idling time and advanced reporting. Other benefits of asset tracking include theft prevention, Preventative maintenance and improved efficiency. You also get the benefits of an IP67 waterproof rated technology and flexible hardware options.

A person driving a truck with an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) installed


Our In-Vehicle Monitoring System focusses on safety and compliance coupled with GPS functionality. It provides data on who is driving your vehicles, when and where they drive them and, importantly, how they drive them. The benefits of using a Fleetware IVMS include real-time monitoring, increased productivity through route optimisation, reduced fuel costs, reduced kilometres driven and improved customer interactions. You’ll also enjoy better compliance and improved safety performance.

A Limecrete concrete mixer using Concrete Ready Mix Tracking & Software

Concrete Ready Mix Logistics

Time and efficiency are paramount when it comes to the Concrete Ready-Mix industry. Our GPS and telematics systems simplify invoicing from pouring data, reduce operational costs and increase fleet efficiency using to monitor agitator barrel rotations and water usage, and enhance route optimisation. Your business will benefit from increased operational efficiency and productivity, and enhanced machine utilisation.

A person filling a truck with fuel

Fuel Tax Credits

Reduce the complexity of your business’s fuel tax credit claims using GPS & telematics, with automatic classification of roads & locations, tracking of mileage & key vehicle information, and fuel expense capture. Our systems are simple to use thanks to automatic calculations of off-road/on-road via GPS. They also help you to maximise your tax rebates.

A smart AI dash cam installed in a truck being driven by a person

Smart AI Dash Cams

Fleetware’s Smart AI Dashcams (LP) help your business to improve driver safety, accountability and exoneration. This all-in-one, easy install, solution includes machine vision and intelligent event-based recording. The technology includes Advanced Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Wide Angle Dual Lens, Driver Facing, Front Facing, Low Light Visibility, All-in-One device, Built-in Telematics, Facial Recognition, Live Streaming, Continual Recording, and Integrated Microphone

An SME fleet using Delivery Route Planning Software

Logistics Route Optimisation

Simplify delivery route planning and improve customer satisfaction using Fleetware’s GPS & telematics systems, which include automatic route optimisation, customer notifications, packing sheets, and advanced reporting. Route Optimisation reduces mileage, increases daily delivery rates, and reduces fuel costs, while Vehicle Utilisation automatically calculates the number of vehicles needed to fulfil orders, increases order capacity, and reduces fuel wastage and maintenance costs.

2 men doing asset maintenance scheduling on a mine site

Maintenance Scheduling

Avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and minimise asset downtime using GPS & telematics. Our systems optimise vehicle service intervals and recording, provide automatic notifications, and advanced reporting. This reduces your business’ operation and parts costs as well as maximising asset uptime. Productivity also increases through reduce administration, automatic service scheduling, automation notifications, and preventative maintenance.

A lone worker driving a truck

Remote & Lone Worker

Keep your remote workers safe with GPS & telematics, with features including out-of-cellular coverage, duress button alerts, accident alerts and more. Fleetware’s systems provide tracking and monitoring even in remote areas, tools for workers to alert the base to safety issues or emergency, and automatic events triggering for vehicle accidents or rollover.

A fleet of trucks from the angle of the tyres with good tyre pressure

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Reduce tyre maintenance costs and improve road safety using Fleetware’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, which provides real-time tyre pressure and temperature tracking, in-cab alerts, and intelligent insights. Our TyreWatch system revolutionises tyre and wheel management by preventing reactive tyre husbandry and roadside breakdowns and replacing it with smart sustainable digital working practices. Our tyre pressure monitoring system features powerful artificial intelligence to rapidly identify escalating tyre issues.

A fleet of trucks using GPS temperature monitoring systems

Temperature Monitoring

Reduce wastage and ensure product quality using our GPS tracking and telematics with multi-zone temperature tracking, real-time alerts, geofencing and advanced reporting. This results in improved product quality through reduced spoilage, greater maintenance efficiency, and HACCP compliance with constant live temperature monitoring, remote reefer temperature control (depending on brand), and door opening monitoring.

Line of Trucks with Fleet Management Solutions & Tracking Software

Electronic Work Diary

Navigate compliance effortlessly with electronic work diaries. Logmaster has developed a truly complete Electronic Work Diary (EWD) solution. Supporting 2-up and coach driving, it operates seamlessly in blackspots and low-coverage areas. Compatible with Android and Apple devices from the last 10 years, Logmaster’s EWD eliminates paper logbooks after just 28 days. With voice alerts and … Continue reading “Electronic Work Diary”