February 23, 2024

We recently introduced our new Law Enforcement and Emergency Services solution and it’s something that we have been super excited to share! In our last post, we delved into the hardware component of this solution – a combination of in-vehicle, MDVR cameras; body-worn cameras; and a smart pistol module that seamlessly integrate together to capture every angle of an event. As awesome as this hardware is, the software is what really sets our solution apart. Our software for law enforcement and emergency services is designed to be the ultimate tool for managing and utilising video evidence effectively. 



Hosting Capabilities

Our software for police and emergency services can be hosted in three different environments:

  1. On premises
  2. On a private cloud server
  3. On a public cloud server

By having multiple hosting options, it allows for the flexibility to choose a location that best suits your organisation’s needs and importantly, security requirements. 



Live streaming and real-time alerts are standout features of this solution. You can remotely and securely view live video feeds and listen to audio, as well as obtain GPS locations and trip history. But if you’re wanting to review footage later on, our software allows for synchronised playback! This is particularly useful for situations where multiple cameras are being utilised, such as body-worn cameras paired with in-vehicle MDVR cameras. It ensures that you can easily access evidence at any time, whilst having a comprehensive view of incidents from multiple angles.


Case Management

Our solution isn’t just focused on capturing lots of video and audio, it’s about managing your entire case. 

Alongside the captured video and audio from our hardware, you can easily upload various types of other evidence including files, images and CCTV footage. Our platform allows you to classify and prioritise these, and it even allows you to add video timeline annotations and notes, creating a complete and thorough case history. 

Searching for evidence has previously proved a nightmare for those in law enforcement and emergency services. Sifting through hours of footage and audio is simply inefficient, but with our new software, you are able to simply search by officer badge number, data type classification and even GPS or geofence location to readily gather all the information you need. 

Alongside being able to search for evidence, our system also has a cool feature called Smart Video Evidence Archiving that intelligently moves files into different levels of storage. It moves video files from hot to warm and then to cold storage, based on video classifications and time frames. This not only improves platform response, but also acts to decrease storage costs whilst optimising resources. 


Privacy & Security

When it comes to law enforcement and emergency services, privacy and security are paramount.

Video Evidence Tamper Detection is incorporated into our system to ensure the authenticity of your files. Not to mention being able to further secure these files with automatic or manual facial recognition using AI technology, or alternatively, utilising flexible access permissions – ensuring that the right people have access to the right information. Similarly, you are able to easily and securely share these files with other authorised parties, as well as being able to merge evidence into a single file for easy access and analysis.

At Fleetware, we understand that each customer has a unique set of needs and wants when it comes to their telematics solutions. For law enforcement and emergency services, we know that there is massive importance placed on accountability and security. In our software platform, every action is meticulously logged to create a complete audit trail – establishing complete transparency and accountability. 

Our Law Enforcement and Emergency Services software solution is going to revolutionise the way this industry operates – from the officers at ground level, to preparing and reviewing evidence in the control centre, our solution provides you with a comprehensive, secure and efficient way to manage your team and evidence. Whether you are looking to increase officer safety and accountability, conduct investigations, or simply looking to optimise your evidence management and storage, our solution has you covered. 


Thanks for joining us for Part Two of this series. Head over to Part One if you haven’t checked it out already. This solution has been in the works for quite some time and it is super exciting to finally be able to share it! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this solution, please get in contact with the team!

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