January 17, 2024

Fleetware currently services a diverse range of industries; from local government to mining, trucking and heavy haulage, to farming and agriculture, our solutions stretch far and wide across a variety of markets. Recently, we have expanded our reach into the law enforcement and emergency services space. This has been in the works for a while and the team has put hours upon hours of research, development and testing into creating this solution, so we are super excited to finally be able to share it!

Our new law enforcement and emergency services solution is a combination of cutting-edge camera technology with software that has been tailored specifically for law enforcement and emergency services. Our innovative solution is a game changer and will revolutionise the way this industry operates. Read on below to learn more about the hardware, and keep your eye out for Part 2, where we’ll discuss features of the software involved in this solution.



Police Vehicle Cameras & Ambulance Dash Cams

We recently touched on MDVR in a previous blog, and it’s this technology that remains at the heart of our new solution. The MDVR is designed to capture high quality video and audio from law enforcement or emergency vehicles. Equipped with both wide angle and telephoto lenses, the dual-lens front-facing camera seamlessly integrates with other cameras placed in and around the vehicle to provide a comprehensive view of the surroundings. We have selected cameras that are rugged, weather resistant and equipped with low light capabilities so that they can always capture clear, precise video, even when conditions prove challenging. 


Body-Worn Cameras for Police & Emergency Personnel

In addition to the in-vehicle cameras, our solution also includes body cameras for police officers or emergency personnel in the field. These body-worn cameras are lightweight, easy to use and are essential for capturing a first-person perspective when critical incidents occur. The body-worn cameras are also equipped with features like GPS tracking, motion detection, voice activation and live streaming – not to mention that they can combine with the in-vehicle MDVR to consolidate video evidence from both personnel and the vehicle into a single case file. 


Smart Pistol Module

Something that we think really sets this solution apart from others is our innovative, Smart Pistol module. When it comes to reviewing and assembling evidence in law enforcement, it’s crucial to ensure its accuracy and accountability. In the case that a pistol is drawn by an officer, the Smart Pistol module will activate all vehicle and body-worn cameras within a ten metre radius, capturing every angle of the incident, before uploading and labelling this event in the case management platform. 



This solution would not be possible without the seamless integration of all its components – the vehicle and body-worn cameras, the Smart Pistol module and its cloud-based management software. Ensuring that all components are able to work together harmoniously is a must for law enforcement and emergency services, and we think that our solution will revolutionise the way that this industry enhances safety, improves accountability and streamlines its operations. 


If you can’t wait to find out more about the awesome solution, please get in contact with the team!

Part Two has now been released! Go check it out!