April 24, 2023

At Fleetware, we think it’s important to play our part in the global effort to increase equality and quality of life for the millions of people that are much less fortunate than us. So, every month, we set aside a percentage of our subscription income to be donated to a variety of different causes. 

We use an organisation called B1G1 that ensures that 100% of our giving goes towards the causes of our choice. 

Last month we supplied:

  • 80 days of secondary education to disadvantaged kids in Kenya
  • 300 days of housing to a family in the Philippines 
  • 75 trees to restore the environment in Kenya 



Secondary Education

Whilst a primary school education is important for basic learning and development, access to secondary education enables children to become well-educated and responsible young adults with greater employment and income opportunities. 

Sponsoring secondary education helps these children to overcome the many barriers to schooling: cost, uniform, distance, lack of teachers and teaching resources – not to mention overcoming the gender inequality and involving more girls in secondary schooling. Projects like this are a clear and simple way to empower the next generation to reach a brighter future. 



Homelessness and poverty go hand-in-hand with creating slums and shanty towns, with those living there in a constant state of survival mode where it’s every man for themselves. The cycle of poverty and homelessness is virtually impossible to escape and impacts approx. 20 million people in the Philippines. 

This project aids in creating safe, comfortable, and stable homes that are a luxury we often take for granted. Providing permanent spaces for communities and houses for families will have serious impacts on increasing quality of life and reducing crime – transforming slums into peaceful and productive communities where families can flourish.


Forest trees

Deforestation has occurred rapidly across Kenya, with trees being cut down for charcoal and firewood, and the clearing of trees for sand mines, leaving barren hills and villages with no trees – all as a result of extreme poverty. 

Replanting forest trees aims to reverse the creation of a barren and lifeless environment, slowing desertification and enabling communities to remain on their land. 


We thank all our customers for continuing their support for Fleetware and our giving efforts.

To keep up to date with our giving throughout the year, head to our About page.