February 23, 2024

At Fleetware, we think it’s important to play our part in the global effort to increase equality and quality of life for the millions of people that are much less fortunate than us. So, every month, we set aside a percentage of our subscription income to be donated to a variety of different causes. 

We use an organisation called B1G1 who ensures that 100% of our giving goes towards the causes of our choice. 

In January we supplied:

  • 25 ducklings to a family in extreme poverty in Vietnam
  • 40 tangerine trees to a community in Malawi
  • 3 goats to families in Kenya

This month, we focused on income and food sustainability, with our selected projects providing two benefits for the price of one!




Providing livestock to families living in extreme poverty is able to create a sufficient food supply, as well as a form of income. Families are able to breed, sell and consume livestock products and meat, providing stable sources of food and earnings. In Vietnam, we donated 25 ducklings to a family in need, and in Kenya, we supplied three goats to families. Projects like these make a huge difference to entire communities, but to women in particular, as they are the key people responsible for caring for the livestock and utilising income for their families.


Crop Trees

The Mwanza district in Malawi is the home of tangerine trees and depends on these trees as their main cash crop. But over the years, and due to changing climate conditions, many of the trees have dried up, leaving families without an income, and the landscape barren. By providing 40 tangerine trees, we are able to promote a sustainable form of income and food supply – not to mention improve the environment as a result. 


We thank all our customers for continuing their support for Fleetware and our giving efforts, helping us to build a better world, one meal at a time. 

To keep up to date with our giving throughout the year, head to our About page.