May 22, 2023

The team at Fleetware is constantly looking for ways that we can improve and refine the Trackd platform. Trackd is used for all our GPS devices and shows customers where their vehicles, assets and lone workers are located. Recently, there have been some software updates to the platform surrounding the map, tracking links, event information and unit searches.


Map Updates

Previously, a set of tools used to navigate and interact with the map were located on the top bar of the screen, meaning that many users forgot that they were there, or that they even existed. These tools have now been moved so that they are directly on the map, making them more obvious and accessible for users. 

Moving vehicles on the map were often jumpy or lagged when viewed in real-time. This has been improved so that vehicles appear much smoother when moving on the map, creating a cleaner user-interface. 

The Trackd platform also now supports Google maps parameters, so, from now on, addresses and locations obtained from Google maps will be more precise and accurate. 


Future Tracking Links

A link timer icon has been created for the Locator page on the Trackd platform. So, when a tracking link is sent out that is not currently active, a timer icon will appear next to this with the date and time that the link will become live. 


Event End Times

The marker tooltips have been updated to include the end time of parking, stop, start, and end position events in the event information. 


Search in Unit Properties

Users will now be able to search for unit properties in the Sensors, Eco Driving, Service Intervals, Custom Fields and Commands tabs on the platform, making it easier for users to find information from the different tabs. 


These changes have already been implemented into the Trackd platform. If you have any questions or feedback on these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us on