March 27, 2023

The team at Fleetware is constantly looking for ways that we can improve and refine the Trackd platform. Trackd is used for all our GPS devices and shows customers where their vehicles, assets and lone workers are located. Recently, we have made some updates to the back-end settings of this platform – specifically about Speeding events and Driver Behaviour.


Why did we make these changes?

It’s important to monitor and continue to update our customer systems, ensuring that we try to minimise false events being triggered, whilst improving the accuracy of the data being reported.

From our own internal reporting and testing, alongside feedback from customers, we noticed that speeding events and alerts were being triggered too frequently. Yet, in some cases, only a single message had registered an overspeed over the entire duration of a vehicle trip. 

We also noticed that the Speeding events that were being triggered weren’t aligning with the level of Driver Behaviour activity. Additionally, we found that the parameters used to calculate Driver Behaviour were too generic and not tailored for different vehicle types – including speedometer and accelerometer information.


What has changed?

Since discovering these issues surrounding Speeding events and Driver Behaviour on Trackd, we have:

  • Extended the duration of time that an overspeed event needs to be recorded before a Speeding alert or notification is triggered, ensuring that the number of false Speeding alerts decreases.
  • Added an additional Speeding event type for drivers that exceed 20km/h or more than the road limit, and;
  • Set specific Driver Behaviour parameters for different vehicle types – including light and heavy vehicles, buses, and other assets.


These changes have already been implemented into the Trackd platform and will see both Speeding events and Driver Behaviour activity become much more concise and meaningful going forward, especially when it comes to notifications and reporting.

If you have any questions or feedback on these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us on