September 18, 2023

Each and every customer has different wants and needs when it comes to implementing telematics into their business. Far too often, we see that they are presented with a limited selection of hardware and software solutions that simply don’t meet their requirements. At Fleetware, we pride ourselves on researching and developing a solution to suit every customer’s wants and needs, even when we are presented with ‘out of the box’ problems that other telematics providers simply can’t cater for. 

Our most recent innovation has led us to join together in a partnership with TrueSpot. This real-time location tracking solution caters specifically for dealerships that need to manage a large mobile inventory, whether it be cars, boats, caravans or other assets.



TrueSpot’s dealership GPS tracking device and lot management system that allows you to efficiently get a real time location for every key and car in you inventory. In the fast-paced world of car dealerships where time is money, the benefits are plain to see. Searching an unorganised inventory for keys and vehicles is a time-consuming task that very quickly eats into productivity and profits. 


How it Works

At the heart of TrueSpot’s system is a robust LORA (long range) network that enables for seamless communication between linked devices, whether it be across a sprawling outdoor space or a multi-level indoor showroom. This solution works by attaching a compact and lightweight LORA tracker to each key that allows dealers to pinpoint their location in real time. Each vehicle in the lot is also equipped with a discreet LORA device that transmits its location, ensuring that no car goes missing. 



The impact of TrueSpot is clear. Dealerships that have adopted this solution have already seen significant time savings that have translated into increased operational efficiency and higher customer satisfaction. This technology is not only exclusive to car dealerships – its applications extend to other industries such as hospitals and health care that must constantly manage mobile assets. 



TrueSpot is committed to staying at the forefront of technology and continuing to innovate their solutions. Imagine how the introduction of predictive analytics could be used to optimise lot layouts or automate alerts for maintenance needs. Future innovations like this will revolutionise how dealerships and the automotive industry are managed.


If you think a solution like this could solve some of your problems, please get in contact with our team!

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