May 20, 2024

The team at Fleetware are constantly looking for ways to improve the functionality of our telematics platform for our customers. Our platform houses nearly all our devices, showing customers where their vehicles, assets, and lone workers are located. The operations team regularly reviews device connectivity on the Trackd platform, however, due to its sheer size and the variety of ways that the platform can be used, we can’t always be certain that a vehicle is truly operational. In some cases, the vehicle battery can be isolated, or the device can be unplugged, leading to incorrect communication between the unit and Trackd. So, to help combat this issue, we have created our Actualizer app.

The Actualizer app is the ultimate tool for managing the connectivity of your devices more efficiently. This simple but powerful app provides a clear overview of all your units, listing them from the most inactive, to those that are most active and checking-in with the platform regularly. 



App Capabilities


The Actualizer app allows you to:

  • View the date and time of the last message received from the device, and how many days have passed since this message;
  • Sort devices either by the time of the last message or by the unit’s name;
  • And filter devices by the number of days it hasn’t sent data to the platform.


The Actualizer app was created to help take the complexity out of managing your fleet’s connectivity. This tool is a game-changer for detecting operational issues early, allowing you to easily identify and address dead or faulty units. Implementing this tool into your operations is a simple solution to maintain efficiency and productivity across your business – alleviating the need for tedious troubleshooting and enabling you to dedicate more time to larger, significant tasks. 

If you think that this solution could solve some of your problems, please get in touch with the team!