May 03, 2023

GPS devices and other telematics accessories often require a qualified auto electrician to come out and install them into your vehicles, costing precious time and money that you might not have – particularly if you aren’t able to take all your fleet vehicles off the road at once. So, we’ve come up with a solution that you can self-install in under five minutes. 

The Stealth 2.0 device simply connects to your vehicle battery with two wires, and some 3M double-sided tape is enough to stick it down. And away you go! 



Device Features

  • It’s IP-67 rated, meaning it’s both water and dust proof 
  • It has a six-axis internal accelerometer that is used for driver behaviour and crash detection 
  • It’s self-calibrating, so you just simply self-install it and drive away!
  • It supports both 12-volt and 24-volt vehicles, so it can be used in light vehicles and trucks 
  • It can send a disconnection notification if the device gets unplugged from the battery, and has a 200-milliamp backup battery that will allow the device to continue transmitting
  • It also has virtual ignition detection that is alerted by changes to the vehicle battery voltage or vehicle movement


This self-install device has been super successful for a range of different industries and business needs. It has been used in large usage-based insurance programs worldwide; in vehicle financing companies; trailer tracking; powered asset tracking; or for those in remote locations that just need a simple, self-installation option. 

If you think that a device like this might be able to solve some of your problems, please get in touch!