February 23, 2023

Our smart AI dash cam is one of our up-and-coming solutions that we’ve been really excited about to innovate and continue to develop. The dash cam is a combination of telematics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing – creating an impressive, all-in-one, driver and vehicle safety solution.


Key AI Events

This smart AI dash cam sets itself apart from others, with both forward-facing and driver-facing cameras, as well as extensive AI capabilities. The forward-facing camera focuses on vehicle movement and other road users – detecting forward collision, pedestrian collision, speeding (via speed sign recognition), lane departure and tail gaiting. Whilst the driver-facing camera is used for driver behaviour and distraction – identifying signs of fatigue, seatbelt usage, phone usage, smoking and other distractions.

Although all the features noted above are great for a business looking to improve driver behaviour, fatigue events are probably the most pressing and require immediate action.


Fatigue Monitoring Outside Cellular Coverage

Until now, other similar solutions in the market will only send notifications to the cloud for further triaging when in cellular range – causing critical event notifications to be delayed. With many transport and logistics companies travelling through remote and rural areas, they would be losing this functionality over long periods of time when fatigue information is needed most.

Recently, we have been working on adapting our dash cams to be able to provide critical notifications when outside of cellular coverage. Although currently in the testing stage, we have integrated satellite modems into these dash cams to tackle this issue.

When the vehicle moves out of cellular coverage, critical events, like fatigue or yawning, can be sent to our cloud tracking platform as a notification which can then be acted on. When the vehicle comes back into cellular range, the event footage will be available for further review.


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