April 12, 2023

The safety and wellbeing of remote and lone workers should always be a top priority for businesses, however, overcoming the challenges of their remote working locations that lack cellular coverage can be difficult.


Spot Tracker

We have sourced a cool little device called a Spot Tracker that is used for the personal tracking of remote and lone workers. This pocket-sized device works globally, so you can still send messages or SOS alerts to people and emergency services when you’re outside of cellular coverage.




The Spot Tracker has some great key features too – all at the press of a button. It has a SOS button that will send your GPS coordinates and information to an international response centre, that will then forward your information on to local emergency services.

The ‘check-in’ feature allows you to send pre-programmed text messages or emails with your GPS coordinates to selected people to let them know where you are, and that you are okay.

The ‘help’ button is used for non-life-threatening situations. When pressed, it will alert selected contacts that the operator needs help but isn’t in imminent danger.

This device also features customised tracking, meaning that you can choose motion-activated tracking as your preferred method of information collection. The Spot Tracker will then send updates whilst you are moving, and then stop tracking when you stop moving.


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