February 10, 2023

Crash Investigation Findings

National Transport Insurance have just released their annual NTARC major crash investigation report. There are some positive results from their findings, however, the proportion of serious incidents related to human factors has continued to increase to now reach 63.5% of all losses. The top five contributing human factors in 2021 were inattention and distraction (16.3%), inappropriate speed (12.5%), inappropriate vehicle positioning (10.5%), inadequate following distance (8.6%) and fatigue (8.2%).

Our latest solution features some exceptional technology contained in a smart AI dash cam with both forward-facing and driver-facing cameras that seek to reduce these figures and decrease driver inattention and distraction.



Technology to Reduce Human Factor Crashes

The driver-facing camera is the key player in monitoring driver distraction. It can detect when a driver has their head turned away from the road for an extended amount of time. It can also identify more complex actions such as driving whilst talking on the phone, sending texts, or scrolling on social media; it can even pick up smoking, seatbelt use and signs of fatigue like yawning or falling asleep. Following an event, the smart AI dash cam will provide an audible alert to the driver and send a short video clip of the event to the cloud for review.

The forward-facing camera is important when it comes to the surrounds of the vehicle and how driver inattention impacts the rest of the road and other road-users. This camera utilises headway monitoring – sending alerts if they are following too close to other vehicles, if they are departing the lane without indicating, or even if they are speeding by reading speed signs. In the worst-case scenario, it will send a forward collision warning or a pedestrian collision warning if the driver is going to imminently hit a vehicle or person in front of them. 

These smart AI dash cams are such a simple solution that are producing big changes for road safety. Each dash cam that is installed gets us closer to reducing human-error road crashes and fatalities. 


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