March 01, 2024

Here in Australia, the mining industry is huge, and for us here in Western Australia, we house nearly half of all Australian mines. With mining as one of the backbones of our state, we understand how important it is that not only economic targets are met, but that safety standards are upheld. Our Fatigue Camera and In-Vehicle Monitoring System, or IVMS, have been created with this industry in mind. This solution ensures that both employees and businesses are held accountable to the stringent standards set by Tier 1 mining companies. 

A comprehensive and highly customisable management platform lies at the core of this solution. We needed to create a solution that ensured compliance, whilst still providing adaptable configurations that could be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each mine site and business. 




Our fatigue management and driver behaviour settings in this solution are fully customisable. Site administrators can fine tune alert thresholds, adjust detection sensitivity levels and modify monitoring intervals – ensuring that the specific, mandated protocols are able to be met, and that businesses are able to remain compliant when these protocols change under different circumstances.

Like all of our customers, mining companies all have their own sets of challenges and needs. Having a highly customisable platform also allows businesses to establish their own, internal standards when it comes to driver behaviour management. Whether they want alerts for eye closure after 1.5 seconds or 2 seconds; or whether they want yawning and seat belt detection enabled – being able to adjust alerts and detection sensitivity ensures that individual business goals can be addressed. 


Real-Time Monitoring

Having complete access and visibility over your fleet and drivers is key for effectively managing your operations. Real-time monitoring is the foundation of our Fatigue Camera and IVMS solution – being able to view vehicle locations, key data and alerts at any point in time is a game changer. An Iridium satellite modem can also be connected to the IVMS device, enabling access to your vehicles and drivers even when outside of cellular coverage! 

Real-time monitoring is such a simple feature, but it has a massive impact when it comes to vehicle and driver safety. As the Fatigue Camera continuously monitors the driver for signs of fatigue and distraction, the IVMS tracks driving patterns and sends in-cab alerts to drivers, should they need to change their behaviour, or are at risk of causing a fatigue-related accident. Alerts can also be triggered with an in-cab duress or panic switch by drivers in the case of emergencies, immediately sending critical information to site administrators. Knowing that your drivers’ safety is only a click away puts any worries or concerns to rest, particularly if they’re travelling in areas outside of cellular coverage. 


Data Capabilities

Our Fatigue Camera and IVMS solution is powered by an impressive software platform. It not only allows you to access vehicle and driver information in real time, but it also enables you to run comprehensive data analysis. The platform is able to generate insightful reports and analytics that will equip users with the information they need to drive change from the ground up. It promotes executives and directors to evaluate trends, identify risk factors and implement proactive measures to enhance safety protocols. 

This solution has been tailored to the infrastructure of mining operations and as such, is able to seamlessly integrate into businesses in this industry. This integration is facilitated by a streamlined implementation process that aims to minimise operational disruption, whilst adhering to the rigorous standards set by Tier 1 mining companies. 


Our Fatigue Camera and IVMS solution stands at the forefront of innovative safety technology in the mining industry. With its fully customisable fatigue management system and strict compliance with Tier 1 mining regulations, it not only assures safety, but also enables mining operations to reach new heights of efficiency and security. 

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