November 13, 2023

With more and more importance being placed on businesses to look after the wellbeing of their drivers and vehicles, finding a solution that addresses both safety and visibility has never been more crucial. The team at Fleetware have been working on creating a new comprehensive solution that features our already impressive Smart AI Dashcam alongside our new MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recording) camera system


MDVR Camera System

Combining our Smart AI Dashcam with an MDVR solution allows a full 360-degree view of your vehicle. The forward-facing and driver-facing AI cameras of our Smart AI Dashcam paired with up to eight strategically placed cameras from our MDVR system, creates amazing visibility of your driver and vehicle. Not to mention the real-time video streaming and GPS tracking that comes along with this solution! 

We introduced our MDVR system because its features and customisability are so vital for minimising blind spots and increasing both the safety of the vehicle and the objects around it during manoeuvres. Not to mention the large storage capacity allows for weeks of video to be recorded! Those with heavy vehicles or vehicles that tow large assets can really benefit from this enhanced visibility. 



Other Features

  • The AI forward-facing camera analyses the road ahead, detecting obstacles, pedestrians and other vehicles; and can alert the driver with real-time warnings, helping to prevent accidents.
  • The AI driver-facing camera monitors the driver for signs of fatigue or distraction, and can alert both the driver and fleet manager if fatigue or distraction is detected, helping to promote safer driving. 
  • Video feed from all cameras is accessible remotely, in real time. This allows greater visibility for fleet managers wanting to monitor their vehicles and drivers to ensure compliance with safety policies. 
  • GPS tracking provides accurate location data, route history and geofencing options, enabling fleet managers to optimise routes, track deliveries and ensure vehicles are where they should be. 


Case Study

One of our customers is in the transport industry and was faced with a challenge; they wanted to monitor the loading and unloading of tyres onto their grab trucks so that they could improve safety, productivity and proof of delivery. This was a crucial process as they needed to ensure the correct tyres were delivered to the right locations in a safe, timely manner. 

The company reached out to us for a solution and we decided that they would be a great fit for our MDVR camera solution. During implementation, we strategically placed cameras to cover the front of the truck, the driver, the tray and the rear of the truck for reversing – which also included an in-cab display for the driver to see what was behind them. 

The company was thrilled with the results! Our MDVR solution increased their visibility over their entire operation; from the drivers’ reversing cameras to the fleet managers being able to oversee the entire loading and unloading process remotely, in real time. Proof of delivery was able to be precisely recorded and costs were reduced with the combination of GPS tracking and camera evidence, not to mention the increase in driver safety with fatigue and distraction monitoring from the driver-facing AI camera. 


If you have any projects that are outside of the box like this and need a specific, individual solution, please get in contact with our team! 

Alternatively, find out more about our Smart AI Dashcam solutions.