August 09, 2023

At Fleetware, we think it’s important to play our part in the global effort to increase equality and quality of life for the millions of people that are much less fortunate than us. So, every month, we set aside a percentage of our subscription income to be donated to a variety of different causes. 

We use an organisation called B1G1 that ensures that 100% of our giving goes towards the causes of our choice. 

In July we supplied:

  • 20 trees in Indonesia to support reforestation
  • 60 days of training to Madagascan families about sustainable agriculture
  • 10 trees in Madagascar to support reforestation



Sustainable Agriculture

The Torotorofotsy Wetlands in Madagascar are home to many iconic, yet critically endangered species including the golden mantella frog, greater bamboo lemur as well as the black and white ruffed lemur. The construction of a mining road in this area has led to a rapid increase in human population and, in the process, has left the wetlands destroyed. 

This project aims to educate and train families on sustainable agriculture practices that will enable them to rise out of poverty without ravaging the environment in the process. These families will benefit from techniques and education surrounding cropping, raising livestock, producing compost, tree planting and forest restoration. Sustainable agriculture enables families to step away from harmful mining and forestry practices, which allow them to generate a sustainable income as well as produce their own nutritious food. 


Trees for Reforestation

We supported two projects this month that aim to reduce deforestation through planting trees. 

The Madagascar project also focuses on the reforestation of the Torotorofotsy Wetlands region. Since 2015, they have not only been working to raise awareness about the value of the natural wetlands and its preservation; they have actually employed the local people that relied on harmful slash and burn agriculture to plant and maintain these trees – not to mention generating other employment opportunities for the local people in ecotourism and conservation. 

The Indonesian project has been highly successful in engaging the local community in rainforest conservation. They have prevented the release of over 21 million kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and regenerated over 50,000 acres of forest. Not to mention their creation of a new ‘currency’ that allows rainforest community members to exchange seedlings for healthcare as a form of non-cash payment. This innovative idea supports the cycle of planting and caring for new trees, whilst also caring for the local peoples that maintain the forests that our planet depends on.


We thank all our customers for continuing their support for Fleetware and our giving efforts.

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