September 11, 2023

For some of our customers that approach us wanting an IVMS solution, having a hard-wired device is simply inconvenient and ineffective, particularly if the device is needing to be frequently transferred between vehicles, or the vehicles are hired. So, the team at Fleetware have created a Portable IVMS Solution to tackle these problems. 




We have sourced an IP-rated, waterproof and dust proof case to house the Remote Worker device and IVMS accessories in. An iridium satellite modem is paired with the IVMS portable GPS tracking device to ensure that coverage remains uninterrupted, even in remote and rural areas with no cellular network. 

This solution also features a built-in duress switch that, when activated in emergencies, triggers an immediate alert to designated emergency contacts or central monitoring systems. The Portable IVMS device also comes with geofencing capabilities, meaning that you can create virtual geofences around specific areas such as worksites or restricted zones, and then receive alerts if a vehicle enters or leaves these designated areas. 



Implementing our portable IVMS solution is super simple and only requires your vehicle to have an OBD port to install it. For short-term, mine spec hire vehicles, this solution is perfect – providing constant, uninterrupted location tracking, alongside the added safety of the duress switch for emergencies when on remote mine sites. Not to mention that all these features are enclosed in a portable, compact and durable case, allowing you to move the device between vehicles and drivers with ease.


Worker Safety

Our portable IVMS solution is a game changer when it comes to enhancing safety and remote worker protocols. With this device, you can easily track and monitor your vehicles and drivers, ensuring compliance and mitigating any potential risks, particularly with our incident detection feature. Our device is equipped with advanced sensors to detect incidents like harsh braking, sudden acceleration or collisions, and then relay this information to you in real time. The built-in duress switch allows your workers to drive with confidence in remote areas, knowing that help is on the way with the flick of a switch. 


If you think that a solution like this could solve some of your problems, please get in touch!

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