August 21, 2023

We recently released a new device called the Stealth 2.0. This device sets itself apart from some of our other trackers as it doesn’t require a qualified auto electrician to install it into your vehicle – creating a perfect solution for those in remote locations, or those that simply can’t afford to take their entire vehicle fleet off the road and need a simple, self-installation option.

In our other post, we talked about some of the Stealth 2.0 device features, but today we’re going to run through the simple steps and equipment you’ll need to install this device in under 10 minutes!




  • Rag
  • Ratchet or drill with a 10mm socket – most vehicles are 10mm, but otherwise grab your desired socket size
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Your Stealth 2.0 device


Install Guide

  1. Locate your vehicle battery and find the red and black terminals. 
  2. Usually there is a small bolt holding the clamp on both sides which you will loosen with your ratchet or drill. 
  3. Grab your Stealth 2.0 device and wedge the matching cables onto the terminals of your battery (black to black, red to red).
  4. Tighten the clamps back up and ensure that the cables are securely clamped onto the battery terminals.
  5. Give your battery a quick wipe down with your rag to ensure there’s no sand or dirt stuck on there. 
  6. Prep the battery for mounting the device by giving it a proper clean with an alcohol wipe and then allowing the surface to dry. 
  7. The device should have an arrow which needs to be pointed forwards, so find an appropriate space on the battery where this device can sit flat and face the right direction.
  8. Secure the device on the battery with the 3M strong-bond sticker located on the back of the device. 
  9. There is also a sticker for the fuse on the positive terminal that you can stick down and secure too if you wish. 
  10. Once the device is secured in place, you can shut the vehicle bonnet and you are ready to go! Simple as that.


We have even tested this install guide with our Managing Director, Matt Cooper, and had him install a Stealth 2.0 device into his car in the car park of our office building! He easily installed it in under 10 minutes, turned his car ignition on and opened the Trackd app to see the device on the map with the vehicle battery voltage recorded. 


If you think that a solution like this might be able to solve some of your problems, please get in touch!