August 28, 2023

Over the past year, we’ve talked a lot about our new AD Plus, smart AI dashcam. It’s a combination of telematics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, creating an impressive dashcam solution that features both driver-facing and forward-facing cameras. 

The forward-facing camera focuses on the road ahead. It works to determine if your vehicle is within the lanes on the road; calculate the distance between your vehicle and another vehicle that it’s following; and send collision warnings if a collision with another vehicle or pedestrian is imminent. 


Headway Monitoring

When the dashcam is calculating the distance between your vehicle and another, it uses a feature called headway monitoring. This feature uses your current vehicle speed and its artificial intelligence to determine, in seconds, how far away the vehicle in front is. 

Headway monitoring can be customised to suit different vehicle needs and requirements. So, on high sensitivity, the closest allowed distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front is two seconds. Middle sensitivity is a gap of one second, and low sensitivity is a 0.6 second gap. Although there are three preset levels, we do have a user-defined feature that enables users to set their own sensitivity levels up to four seconds, allowing for more customisation based on their needs, such as heavy vehicles that may need a greater gap in order to safely slow down. 

The headway monitoring feature in the AD Plus dashcam is paired with a small device that is mounted inside the vehicle cab called an R-watch monitor. This pocket-sized monitor provides immediate feedback to the driver and helps them change their driving behaviours through visual and audible alerts. 


This Feature in Action

In the video above, our Managing Director, Matt Cooper, took his car out on a drive to show us the visual differences between a one second gap at 60 kilometres per hour, compared to 80 or 100 kilometres per hour. The video also shows how the R-watch monitor provides the driver with instant, live feedback. 


These smart AI dash cams are such a simple solution that are producing big changes for road and driver safety. We’ve found that the in-cab alerts are much more effective in instantly changing driver behaviour whilst improving the levels of driver compliance and safety across fleets. 

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