May 29, 2023

Over the last 12 months, we have rolled out our new smart AI dash cam, with the purpose of tackling the issue of fatigue in the transport industry. This dash cam is equipped with a driver-facing camera that looks at the driver and detects signs of fatigue and yawning, alerting both the driver and control centre if these events occur. 

Yet, our smart AI dash cam only accounts for half of the solution for fatigue. The other half is covered by fatigue management, which is traditionally recorded by drivers into paper-based logbooks. These logbooks are just not effective for managing driver fatigue – they require wads of paper to be stored in the truck, relying on the drivers to accurately record their working and break times, along with drivers simply forgetting when their rest break is due. 


Effective Fatigue Management

So, we have recently partnered with Logmaster for their Electronic Work Diary or EWD. This EWD has a bunch of cool features, but one of the key features that really stood out to us is that it doesn’t require you to own or install a specific device to run this software on. If you have an Apple or Android phone or tablet from the past 10 years, you will be able to simply install the Logmaster app and get it up and running in under five minutes. Not to mention that this solution completely eliminates the need for drivers to keep paper-based logbooks!



Key Features

  • NHVR certified and compliant for use in the NT and WA, meaning it can be used across the country. 
  • Can work outside of cellular coverage and in low-coverage areas.
  • Audible voice alerts will remind drivers when they are required to take their next rest break. 
  • Supports subcontractors and drivers that work for multiple companies. 
  • Helps to reduce logbook errors, allowing drivers to record and adjust their work and rest intervals to the minute, rather than in 15-minute blocks found in paper logbooks. 
  • Geo-tagging provides the location data when drivers record their working intervals to guarantee precise records. 
  • Driver fitness declarations and vehicle inspection checklists are digitised, so they can be completed by the driver and sent to the cloud in real-time for review. 
  • Smart expiry alerts allow you to stay up to date with driver licence and vehicle registration renewals.


Implementing Electronic Work Diaries into your vehicle fleet is such a simple way to achieve effective fatigue management. It not only provides you with peace of mind, but also ensures you that your drivers stay safe and take adequate rest breaks – protecting both their lives as well as the lives of other road users. 

To find out more about this solution, head to our Fatigue Management page.