March 22, 2023

Far too often, we see businesses paying large sums of money for hardware and software that don’t meet their individual needs. We see generic customer support teams backing these solutions, rather than knowledgeable, industry professionals.  

At Fleetware, we pride ourselves on being problem solvers. We are not your generic telematics business. 

The extensive knowledge and experience of our team enables us to identify and implement the technologies and solutions that best suit your business needs. We work closely with our customers so that they can achieve improvements in productivity, safety, customer service and efficiency, whilst providing precise data and information to guide their business decisions. 


Barrel Rotation Visibility

For example, one of our customers is in the Concrete ReadyMix industry and needed to know the barrel rotation direction and speed of his concrete trucks. He wanted this data so that when their trucks get to site, he could know how long it is being held up for before starting to pour concrete. 


Hardwired Barrel Sensor

Initially, we sourced a hardwired sensor that was able to monitor the rotation direction. However, during implementation, we found it hard to carry out with the different configurations of each truck – meaning that we would need a wide variety of different brackets and arrangements for each individual truck. So, we scrapped this idea. 


Bluetooth Barrel Sensor

Instead, we found a Bluetooth sensor that is able to communicate with our device remotely. It is simply stuck to the side of the barrel, and monitors the direction, speed, and number of revolutions it’s done on a trip. Our customer can then review this data, and potentially bill the customer if they hold up the job. 


If you have any projects that are outside of the box like this and need a specific, individual solution, please get in touch!