November 06, 2023

Safety on the road is paramount, and it’s now more important than ever for businesses to ensure the protection of their drivers and vehicles. Our AD Plus Smart AI Dashcams are paving the way when it comes to safety innovation, and this device is becoming an essential for businesses with fleets of light vehicles and trucks. 

One of the valuable features of our AD Plus Smart AI Dashcams is the collision avoidance system that they come with. This feature works by combining cameras, machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent potential collisions, whether that’s with another vehicle or with a pedestrian. 



How it Works

When we calibrate our AD Plus Smart AI Dashcams during our installation process, our operations team will enter a range of different vehicle measurements into the system. These include the distance between the camera and the front of the vehicle, the vehicle width, and whether the camera has been mounted in the centre of the vehicle, or if it is offset to either side. 

Once the dashcam has been calibrated, its artificial intelligence will now continuously monitor the vehicle’s surroundings in real time through its forward-facing camera. The data gathered by the dashcam is crucial for determining the vehicle’s position and speed, as well as the movement of other vehicles and objects on the road ahead.

The AI system can now continuously assess the risk of potential collisions through a series of algorithms that consider multiple factors such as distance, relative speed and trajectory. It then combines these with the stored vehicle measurements and a buffer to calculate the threat of impact. 

If the AD Plus Smart AI Dashcam identifies that a collision is imminent, it will issue collision avoidance alerts to the driver, including audible alerts, visual warnings on the R-watch monitor and even haptic feedback via a seat vibrator. 


Limitations of Collision Avoidance Systems

Collision avoidance technology is currently one of the most innovative solutions when it comes to increasing the safety of drivers, vehicles and other road users. However, like any technology, it comes with its own set of challenges. The AI system can struggle to adapt to drivers’ sometimes unpredictable behaviour such as sudden lane changes or aggressive driving, leading to false positive threat and collision assessments.


The addition of collision avoidance in our AD Plus Smart AI Dashcams is a step in the right direction for increasing the safety of the road and its users. Although this solution faces some challenges, it’s clear to see why more and more businesses are implementing this technology into their fleets. 

We are super excited to see how this technology will evolve and transform the way we protect both drivers and vehicles.


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