October 18, 2023

At Fleetware, we think it’s important to play our part in the global effort to increase equality and quality of life for the millions of people that are much less fortunate than us. So, every month, we set aside a percentage of our subscription income to be donated to a variety of different causes. 

We use an organisation called B1G1 that ensures that 100% of our giving goes towards the causes of our choice. 

In September we supplied:

  • 300 bricks to help build a home for a family in India
  • 60 days of shelter to a family in need in India
  • 90 days of housing for underprivileged people in Vietnam



Bricks of Life

Safe and adequate shelter solutions are key to empowering disadvantaged families, particularly if they come from poverty stricken or natural-disaster-prone areas. Providing permanent housing solutions not only provides families safety from the streets and weather, it also restores their sense of dignity and pride. So, we donated 300 bricks to help build a home for a family in India. The houses built through this project are constructed with a concrete stone basement, red brick walls, cement plastering, concrete roofing and a cement floor. These materials ensure the durability and resilience of these homes during natural disasters and extreme weather events that would usually leave families exposed to the elements and eventually homeless. 


Shelter for Those That Need it Most

This month, we supported another two projects that provide both temporary and long-term housing to those that need it most. 

In India, nearly 19 million people are affected by housing shortages that often leave them with no other option than to live under bridges, on pavements, train tracks, highways, canals or in crowded slums. The gift of shelter drastically improves the overall health, physical safety and security of those living on the streets, not to mention restoring their sense of worth and dignity. So, we donated 60 days of shelter to a family that needs it most, setting them on the right track to breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness. 

In Vietnam, we provided 90 days of housing for underprivileged families in the Mekong Delta area. These families often live in poorly built shelters with leaky roofs and shaky frames, which ultimately lead to sickness and children unable to complete school work, particularly when it rains. This project sets itself apart by encouraging the construction of these homes with cheaper, eco-friendly, recycled plastic panels – championing sustainability whilst also providing essential shelter. 


We thank all our customers for continuing their support for Fleetware and our giving efforts, helping us to build a better world, brick by brick, day by day. 

To keep up to date with our giving throughout the year, head to our About page.