February 07, 2024

At Fleetware, we think it’s important to play our part in the global effort to increase equality and quality of life for the millions of people that are much less fortunate than us. So, every month, we set aside a percentage of our subscription income to be donated to a variety of different causes. 

We use an organisation called B1G1 who ensures that 100% of our giving goes towards the causes of our choice. 

In November we supplied:

  • 3 weeks of nourishing meals to households in need in South Africa
  • 2 weeks of nourishing meals to orphaned and at-risk children in Thailand
  • 2 months of meals to school children in Ethiopia



Battling Food Insecurity

Hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity remain significant challenges to millions of people around the world, particularly for children. Malnutrition has a huge impact on a child’s early development – it not only inhibits their physical development, but further impedes on their brain and cognitive function. It is so important that children have access to nourishing food that will help them to grow into healthy adults and break the cycle of illness and disease caused by food insecurity. 

So, we supplied 63 nourishing meals, the equivalent of three weeks’ worth of food, to vulnerable households in South Africa. Not to mention providing another 42 meals, approximately two weeks’ worth of food, to orphaned and at-risk children in Thailand. Supporting projects that impact at a grassroots level are so important when it comes to battling malnutrition and famine.


Impact of Health Meals on Education

In Ethiopia, we supplied 84 meals – which is equivalent to two months’ worth of food, to school children. This project provides students with a well-balanced breakfast, a snack and lunch whilst at school. Providing healthy meals to children at school creates a massive ripple effect into the community and future generations. Schools that are supported with projects like this are immediately more attractive to students and their families due to the massive benefits that they provide: 

  • Children’s hunger is relieved and their focus on learning is increased;
  • Children’s physical and cognitive development is enhanced;
  • Children are more likely to attend school and stay in school; 
  • Illness and disease caused by malnutrition is prevented;
  • School attendance rates and education levels dramatically increase;
  • Household income that was previously spent on food is freed up, allowing families to focus their savings elsewhere and improve their livelihoods.

This project lays the foundation for healthier lives and brighter futures for these students and their communities. They can reap the benefits of being better physically and cognitively equipped for when they leave school and grow into adults. By providing children with healthy food and equipping them with a thorough education, entire communities are lifted out of poverty and its ruthless cycle is broken. 


We thank all our customers for continuing their support for Fleetware and our giving efforts, helping us to build a better world, one meal at a time. 

To keep up to date with our giving throughout the year, head to our About page.