September 27, 2023

Asset tracking is super important for businesses when it comes to protecting their valuable belongings. Whether you have a crane, a caravan or an oven, asset tracking has never been more crucial. However, we often find that non-powered assets are overlooked when it comes to GPS tracking. 

Using a battery-powered device to overcome the lack of power supply is often a good solution, but these devices aren’t suited for smaller assets or for assets that often travel into areas with limited to no cellular coverage. So, the team at Fleetware have done some research and discovered an awesome little device that will change the game when it comes to tool and equipment tracking. 



Our new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon is a small, pocket-sized device that utilises low cost, low energy Bluetooth. These beacons work by attaching themselves to the BLE gateway of a telematics device in a vehicle that is within range. So if the BLE Beacon comes close to a telematics device, it pings off the telematics device and sends information to the cloud – meaning that we can provide real time insights into each asset’s location based on its unique BLE Beacon ID. 

This solution also has some other cool features, such as Received Signal Strength Indicator (or RSSI) which is able to calculate and send information about the distance between the beacon and the telematics device it had sent its information through. It is also able to keep a history of the last device that the beacon attached itself to, not to mention that the BLE Beacons continue to send regular updates to the cloud, particularly if your asset is loaded into a vehicle with a GPS device and transported. 

Our new BLE Beacons are revolutionising the way you can track and manage your assets. You now have the power to access BLE beacon data, asset location and last check in time all conveniently displayed alongside your vehicle tracking information in our Trackd telematics platform. 


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