September 04, 2023

Our AD Plus Smart AI Dashcam is one of our most innovative solutions that we currently provide. It features two independent cameras in a single, compact AI dash camera – one forward-facing and one driver-facing camera – that create an all-in-one safety solution.

An underrated feature of our Smart AI Dashcam is privacy mode. Privacy mode tackles any concerns that drivers might have surrounding their privacy when taking rest breaks, and utilising this feature is super simple!



How To Use Privacy Mode

  1. Ensure the vehicle is stopped.
  2. Hold down the driver facing button on the AD Plus dashcam for three seconds.
  3. Wait for an audible alert to be triggered to let the driver know that privacy mode has been enabled.
  4. The driver-facing camera is now deactivated and the driver can have peace of mind, knowing that their privacy is protected whilst on rest-breaks.

Even whilst privacy mode is enabled, the forward-facing camera remains active while the vehicle is still on, ensuring that valuable evidence can still be collected in the case of an accident or other road incident.


How To Deactivate Privacy Mode

Privacy mode on AI dashcams can be deactivated in two different ways, either:

  1. The driver can press and hold the same button again for three seconds, waiting for an audible alert to let them know that privacy mode has been disabled.
  2. Alternatively, the AD Plus dashcam will automatically disable privacy mode and reactivate the driver-facing camera when the vehicle reaches a predetermined speed.

This automatic reactivation of the driver-facing camera ensures that companies are still able to receive the full functionality of the dashcam, even if drivers forget to manually disable privacy mode themselves.

As mentioned above, the forward-facing camera remains constantly active when the ignition is on, even when privacy mode hasn’t been manually disabled or the vehicle hasn’t reached the speed threshold. Lane departure, headway monitoring and collision detection remain functional to protect the driver, vehicle and other road users.


This dashcam AI technology is transforming the way we monitor and protect drivers and vehicles, both on and off the roads.

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